Most of our Club have by now, some idea of the work that Del Cole has been doing, but few have actually witnessed the way she has operated. She is without doubt a force of nature!!

Del has worked with a number of Rotary Clubs as an individual, but the demands of her good works have grown to the point where she can’t do these justice. What Del is now doing is a scaled down version of the “Donations In Kind” (D.I.K) function of Rotary, the difference being that Del personally has carried most of the costs, including those of the fourty foot high-top container that she recently sent to Madang. D.I.K in Brisbane has the backing of two Districts and at one stage were shipping a twenty foot container per week. The current cost of shipping a twenty foot container is approximately $5000. There are no prizes for guessing the cost of shipping a forty foot high top container!


Below are some images of ‘Del’s Shed’ at her business premises, which is already holding enough donated medical equipment to half fill a twenty foot container!! Once the container is full the aim is to send it to Lae in PNG as quickly as possible. In the interim the club will be working to raise sufficient funds to transport the container to its destination through a range of activities currently being developed.